Family Literacy

Family Literacy programs and courses in Canada help to bring families together by improving literacy, numeracy, and writing skills. Our classes and events are designed with interactive activities for fun learning outcomes for the entire family.

We encourage all ages and stages to join to build strong foundations in the home. Empowering the adult learner equals more empowered families and increased success in school and life for children.

About The Program

We believe that Literacy Development goes hand in hand with Personal Development and fosters integration into communities where one would otherwise feel isolated. 

Community Adult Learning Program-funded family literacy programs create opportunities for adults to increase their confidence and begin to develop an identity of themselves as learners.

These programs promote the value and benefits of literacy, and provides parents with skills and strategies to create a literacy-rich environment in the home, and use daily activities to stregthen the emergent literacy skills of their children.

The Family Literacy Program Is For You If:

You're a parent or caregiver who did not complete high school

You're an ELL or ESL Learner

You're a Newcomer to Canada

You are looking for extra help with literacy, numeracy, conversation & language skills

Featured Event

Read, Rhyme & Sing – Baby & Me

This class will help parents and caregivers support their children’s early development by incorporating books, songs and rhymes into everyday activities. These interactions will nurture babies while helping adults build and strengthen their own literacy and language skills.

These classes are ideal for parents/caregivers with children who are 3 and under, looking for interactive experiences that benefit the whole family and promote positive parenting.

Our Family Literacy program is currently on hold

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