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Through the new Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC), adult learners across the province without a high school equivalency diploma will be able to pursue a made-in Alberta education credential. This credential will open doors to more career and educational opportunities. 

Replacing the GED with the CAEC will strengthen Alberta’s education system and workforce by ensuring the material accurately reflects the needs of adults and the diverse cultures and perspectives in Canada, including material that is relevant for Indigenous, francophone and multicultural communities. These changes will make test-takers, employers, post-secondary institutions and others confident that the CAEC is a reliable indicator of a Canadian adult’s level of educational achievement.


About The Program

We are dedicated to help those who want to write their CAEC or Trade Readiness exams to help prepare for employment prospects, educational pathways and trade opportunities.

Our free, confidential program provides students with the background needed to register for the CAEC and Trade Readiness programs and the steps for being successful.

To start the process, contact us to set up an appointment.  At the initial appointment, we will explain our program and you can take the math and english assessments to determine your level.  Then you will work with our CAEC Coordinator to determine your next steps.

We provide the GED study book (if needed), one to one tutoring, information regarding exam registration, reimburse exam costs (if needed), space to study, graduation photo and a graduation event.

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Our Preparation Program Is For You If:

You did not complete high school and are over 18.

You are under 19 but will not have enough high school credits to graduate by age 20.

You need help preparing to write your CAEC or trade readiness exams

You need financial help with the materials and exams

Contact Us

Contact our CAEC Coordinator to schedule an appointment to discuss your enrollment in our CAEC or Trades Readiness program.

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